Going Rogue

I haven’t blogged all week for a couple of reasons, the biggest being I am working on my first short story.

This is a big leap for me.

I have a hard enough time scripting the tangible events happening in my own life, let alone creating new ones out of thin air.

I was always the kid who colored inside the lines. I’ve finally given myself permission to color outside the lines.

Permission to go rogue. 

I’ve had a couple clear ideas that have been forming for a while.

One is dystopian, the other is about a horse.

The horse won.

It’s about a horse.

Maybe I have a shred of hope still intact after all.

It’s over eight thousands words, in only four days.

.That’s a lot for me.

But right now it resembles nothing more than a gooey car wreck.

I look at the words and think, “Did I write that? That sounds terrible!”

It really does, too.

I’m not even making it up.

Reminder to see above: Not creative.

Well, 8,000 is a lot more than the one sentence I formed for my dystopian story.

“Life is about stringing together a bunch of coping mechanisms, hopefully ones that don’t kill you in the process.”

That is a story for another day.

Right now, it’s about a horse.

A certain horse, yes, but not the one everyone thinks it is.

That’s all I’m going to say about that.

I’m going rogue. 



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