Friday the 14th

Straight To The Top

When I started “No Sugar February,” I developed a plan to ensure success. I decided allowing fat into my diet would help curb my desire for sugary foods. My first change was to my coffee creamer. I bypassed half n’ half, and swapped it for heavy whipping cream instead.

Straight to the top.

(Pun intended).

It should come as no surprise my coffee tastes a lot better.

(I should have done this ages ago.)

Several years ago when I was visiting my family, I came downstairs for my morning cup of joe and found my mom sitting at the kitchen table. She always offers breakfast even though she knows I don’t eat it.

A mother’s hope forever springs eternal. 

I sat at the table sipping my coffee while she ate her oatmeal. In mid-conversation she went to the fridge and pulled out the half n’half. Without a hiccup in conversation, Mom poured the half n’ half into her oatmeal.

My coffee cup halfway to my lips, I said, “MOM. What do you think you’re doing??”

She looked up with quizzical eyes waiting for me to continue.

“Since when do you put half n’ half in your oatmeal?

She smiled and said, “Well it tastes better this way.

“Yeah, well…I’ll bet it does!

EVERYTHING would taste better if you used half n’ half instead of milk!”

Now I know.

It all tastes even better with heavy whipping cream. 

The Sugar Sign

My big plan heading into February quickly dissolved into tomfoolery. Every single day has been a total fail. Maybe I could have walked past the box of cupcakes that showed up at the office (I didn’t), but I had no chance with the homemade banana bread sitting on the counter the next day. It was wrapped unceremoniously in cloudy plastic,  but all of us knew exactly what it was. This banana bread is rather famous around here. It was gone in an hour, and I helped the effort right along. This is how the last two weeks have been almost every day.

It’s almost like a daily sign from above. 

(More tomfoolery.)

On the few days when no sugar appeared this month, I’ve supplemented the deficit by seeking it out.

Consistency is the mark of a champion, blah blah….

Real Time

Yesterday, walking home from work, I walked past a shooting.

I now know, after watching the news, I walked past the police shooting the suspect, who had already shot another man to death a couple of blocks away.

Standing on the corner waiting for the light to change, I heard “POP…..POP-POP-POP!”

I looked down the street, but nothing was amiss.

In those few seconds, a few of us stood there on the corner, all looking in the direction of the sound.

Did a car backfire? 

No…it couldn’t backfire that quickly in a row.

Was it fireworks?

I don’t see anything.

Was it a fake gun? A ploy to scare someone? 

I think this is real.

I wondered if a bullet was going to whiz past my head. Police cars started coming out of the crevices, careening around corners, cutting through traffic. The light changed in the intersection, and we all crossed the street.

I walked and I watched.

Maybe it was a robbery? It wasn’t long ago one of the posh shops in that area was robbed. Whatever was happening over there, yesterday, had just happened. As a result, the police activity was overwhelming.

I made it home and turned on the news, but there were no reports yet. In the aftermath, I scolded myself.

Did you just stand there dumb, like a deer in the headlights, while someone got murdered???

I think the answer was yes.

What kind of sign from above is that??

Both the shooting and the inept response?

The answer, like banana bread mysteriously appearing at the office, is nothing.

It is a sign of nothing but the reality of the moment.

Valentine’s Day

It might be a Hallmark holiday, but I love any excuse to celebrate Russ, love, and togetherness. Fellowship of any kind, romantic or otherwise, is key.

My dad and a group of guys from his church go to lunch somewhere different once a week. They call themselves “The Romeos”: Retired Old Men Eating Out. Dad puts a schedule together so everyone knows where they are supposed to be every Thursday.

(And I wonder where I get it from.)

I’m so glad both of my parents have strong relationships with their friends and with their community. Friendship is the most important worldwide web we weave as humans.

Tomorrow Russ and I will celebrate our Valentine’s when the restaurants are less crowded. I’m looking forward to a night in tonight, with a long weekend to follow. I’ve been on the go a lot recently. I’ve been traveling, visiting with family and good friends and catching up with great people I haven’t seen in a long time.

What’s not to love about that?

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