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Two Bit Fleabag

I went to see Fleabag last night in the theatre. It wasn’t what I expected. (I’ll admit, this is where reading reviews first, like Russ, would have paid off). Basically the movie is a taped performance of her “bit,” or running monologue, that she performed on the London stage. I give her a lot of credit. She performs on her own for well over an hour and holds her audience the entire time. She’s insanely talented and funny.

However, the series on Amazon is a flushed-out version of her stage performance. It’s very slick and well done. It’s hard to go backwards from that. I couldn’t help but think if I were watching her performance live at the theatre, I would have loved it. Conversely, if I had watched a taped versionof Jeff Daniels in To Kill a Mockingbird, instead of seeing it live on stage, I probably wouldn’t have loved it so much. Something very intrinsic and authentic was lost on film with Fleabag.

There is no substitute for seeing something firsthand, showing up and either being a part of the action, or at the least, participating with your presence, when it’s possible.

But it’s not always possible. Sometimes the television, or facetime, or a book, or whatever other medium, is all that is available to a person.

Last year I picked up tickets to the Upright Citizen’s Brigade when they were in DC. Their act was so good, we bought tickets for an additional night in order to see them again before they left DC. While their act was very much like Whose Line is it Anyway?, being in the audience and watching them set up their act before they began, which included interviewing audience members, was priceless. To sound totally cliché, you had to be there.

The magic is being in the moment.

Doctor’s Orders

This morning I called my gynecologist to make an appointment. I’ve been procrastinating. Why? Because, damn it, my girlie parts deserved to coast for a while after the year I’ve had. But the prescription my surgeon wrote me three months ago is running out, hence, I was out of excuses not to call.

Lo and behold, she could see me this afternoon, so I took it.

Let me remind you, after three years of dealing with “issues” and having three women gynecologists dismiss my complaining as just that, this doctor was the first one to be alarmed by what I described to her. She set me down on this path to recovery and a solution.

I thought she was a manna from Heaven when I met her seven months ago, and today only confirmed it. This is what happened today:

  • I got a same-day appointment. (Whaaat??)
  • I showed up early and she took me in early. (Seriously??)
  • She remembered everything about my case and gave me even more information about my findings than my surgeon did. (#truth)
  • She took her time and treated me like an intelligent human being when discussing my condition. (Seriously??)
  • She made me feel better about everything I had been through and congratulated me on where I was now. (Whaaat??)
  • Bonus: no exam untl next year and left with my script. (Booyah!)

And she said best way to keep moving forward in my recovery?

Have more sex and exercise.

A lot.

Doctor’s orders!

Further proof human beings should be ‘moderately active’ for a lot longer than thirty minutes a day…(you’re welcome for that nugget of wisdom)…and showing up always pays off.

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