Going Up and Away

I swear, I love this city. The DC Metro is awesome. I can get anywhere I need to go around the city and outlying areas. We are so lucky to have it! I had a quick errand to run this morning and it’s a breeze to get there and back. This metro stop is notorious for the length and heighth of these escalators. Can you guess which stop it is??

Russ and I are having a weekend out of town, starting today, but I think I actually started celebrating last night. A few of his coworkers decided to meet at a Beer Garden for happy hour and I tagged along. We’ve gotten together with them a few times and I really like all of them. I was also excited to go because beer seems to be my new “go to.” Since surgery, I can’t seem to stomach most wines or even liquor. They also give me an incredible headache, which is new for me. This has been quite an adjustment. Wine and vodka have been my drinks of choice for the last twenty years (or more). So the “can do” list has boiled down to champagne and beer. If that isn’t a metaphor for my life, I don’t know what is. I am definitely the fusion of opposite extremes, a total Gemini. Not saying that’s good, only that it’s fitting!

I had two Weihenstephaner Vitus’ at happy hour, and needless to say, I was looped. I ordered some poutine to help me out (twist my arm, right?!), but I still had to call it a night shortly thereafter. Hanging outside in a beer garden with fun people, a lot of dogs (omg, I loved it!), and drinking good beer on a beautiful evening was a great way to usher in a holiday weekend.

(I think I also needed to celebrate my success at the DMV yesterday, too. After waiting an hour, I got to the counter and she informed me my car registration was sent back to the DMV and I would need to show proof of address verification. So basically, she couldn’t help me with what I needed until that was sorted. She looked incredibly smug with herself when she said it… because who the fuck carries around that information with them?? I can tell you. No one does!! I managed to pull two forms of verification up on my phone which she sighed at as if I was totally putting her out. To add insult to injury I texted Russ to find out if our car’s registration wasn’t up to date, since he drives it all the time and I don’t. The answer is the car is completely up to date until well into 2020, so WTF was she on about and where did she get her information? So yes…I think I needed a drink, or two, after that!!)

Despite our “big” night out, I still mananged to get up and run at daybreak this morning. I knocked out an easy six miles and it felt awesome! I am so happy to have my running legs back and am so, so grateful. I came home revved up so I vaccuumed and mopped before the farmers’ market opened and then headed there. Once again it was swamped, and I noticed this time the swarm of elderly patrons likes to stand at the bin of corn and shuck it right then and there. It took me a while to figure out the reason they do this. When you pay for your vegetables, it is price per pound. They were setting it up so their corn would cost less. I thought it was pretty ingenious of them (and industrious), but I’m surprised the vendor allowed it.

I did find out from the vegetable guy that S.N.A.P. only continues until the end of September. I really don’t know why this is. There will be a lot of unhappy people come October. He also said the farmers’ market continues until  Thanksgiving. This is great news for me! I love it! When I went home and told Russ, he didn’t seem as excited to hear this. He does all of the grocery shopping for us and these “add ons” that appear in the kitchen drive him nuts. He begrudgingly puts up with my spontaneous purchases though. Today I bought him surprise beef jerky. I’m all about bribing. It worked for the horses…and for Cracker. Hell, it works on me, too. HA! He still noticed me stuffing the drawer in the fridge as well as the freezer (Why did you buy that? We don’t need any…).

Russ and I are packed and ready to go for our weekend away. More on that next week when we return. In the meantime, have a happy and safe Labor Day weekend!


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