1983 in Photos



A quick look through my “first photo album” from 1982-1983.

My photo album starts with my older brother, Rick, in Myrtle Beach. My mom went there as a kid, and so did we.
I don’t remember Tigger with four legs, before she got hit by a car and shattered her right hind.   I don’t think that was her pup, either. I think that was her as a pup.
I’d say we kidproofed Heather’s kittens pretty well.
Back when you could rent horses. And no helmets!! Mine started grazing mid-hack and I couldn’t get his head up. I got off to pick his head up, but then couldn’t get back on. My first walk of shame back to the barn…
See? ‘The Land of Little Horses’ really did exist! You’ll have to take my word that the one you can’t see was beautiful…
I don’t remember my paternal grandfather, Pop Pop, at all. Wish I got to know him. He bought me my first pair of shoes.
This was my sister’s idea and all her doing. I complained. She said, “You have to suffer to be beautiful.” I still complain and she is still right about most things…..
History trip to Philly. All I remember is the horse…
I failed the bride’s mother’s “finishing school.” Could this be considered redemption??
My first riding lesson ever. This is pre-Shetland pony, Domino.  I don’t remember the lessons at all, but I can still walk into a barn and smell the same fly spray they used then, and be taken back instantly. Below is how we birthday partied in Jersey.  Keeping it classy with the dress.
Awww, how cute is Susie?!
Life as a kid in Jersey–eating watermelon lined up like convicts; playing in the dirt; my beloved Snoopy; Susie dressed up for Halloween?; my oldest cousin, Jeff, dragging us around the yard behind the mower.
High School Graduation for Rick! He looks good, right?!

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