Today’s Rip-off

**This photo is some nice, family bonding in action. My niece heads off to University in less than three weeks. She is starting her freshman year. While she is getting ready to spread her wings and fly, I reminded her before she leaves (good or bad), family is what will ground her. I think I got my point across.


When I committed to writing this blog, I made a pact with myself. I would post something every day. I’ve always loved deadlines. “Whatever” works for me just fine, but “whenever” does not. Deadlines are visible goal posts. Mystery is best left elsewhere.

Unfortunately, yesterday I had to concede my self-imposed deadline. I was up all night, night before last, with an upset stomach. I’m blaming a cup of coffee in the late afternoon, on Sunday, followed by a very small glass of red wine with my mom in the evening. It resulted in a mass mutiny that lasted until the wee hours of the morning. Consequently, I slept all day yesterday, wiped out. So….no blog post.

Today is my last day in Texas and I’m trying to make the most of it. I’ve got a few things left to help my parents with, as well as squeezing in a couple of other engagements. I’m meeting up with old friends from my early days of Eventing for a quick lunch. I haven’t seen them in a couple of years, and this, after a twenty-five year hiatus. It’s important.

I’m having a short visit with my brother after, as he’s on the same side of town, before squeezing in as much time as I can tonight with my parents.  Even though my entire family lives in Houston, they live in three different directions, basically an hour apart. One-on-one time with my siblings is something I try very hard to carve out in the schedule. It’s great when we are all together, but it’s hard to have an in-depth conversation with any single person during those times.

As a result, today’s blog post is a total rip-off (and tomorrow’s probably will be, too). I’m going home with almost two hours of digital recording from my parents to transcribe, so there will be some good stories later. For now, it’s a barebone list of what I’m into at the moment, plus a free gift thrown in at the end.

Book: I’m currently reading Seth Godin’s “This is Marketing.” My sister recommended him. I’ve just started this one, but it is super smart and well written from the get-go. I’m learning me something new! My sister also just lent me her copy of the memoir, “Blood, Bones, and Butter.” I’m excited to read that one next.

Podcast: This is also a great recommendation from a friend. “The GaryVee Audio Experience.” Gary Vaynerchuk is a wildly successful entrepreneur, but even more impressive is his philosophy for life. I don’t dig this podcast because he’s a person who swears a lot more than I do…I swear…

Playlist: There’s a lot of Neil Diamond and Fleetwood Mac at the moment. Maybe transcribing the past invites all of your past to visit at the same time….

Wishlist: Developing the ability to write without “that” being every other word. That still hasn’t happened. That, and going longer than a week without experiencing a diabolical gastrointestinal setback.

In that order, please.

The Free Gift: Taken from Scott Galloway’s blog, “No Mercy/No Malice” (4/20/18):

  1. Good sex is 10% of a relationship, but bad sex is 90% of a relationship.
  2. Nothing is ever as bad or as good as it seems.
  3. Everyone experiences failure and tragedy. You will get fired, lose people you love, and likely have periods of economic stress. The key to success is the ability to mourn, and then move on.


That’s all I’ve got today.

Not the worst swindle in the history of the world.

(And just like that, the goal posts are yanked backwards).

In the meantime, keep moving and grooving as best you can….

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